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Our Mission Statement:

Research has shown that a child’s vocabulary development has an impact on their reading comprehension and academic success as they get older.  Studies of young children’s vocabulary development have found that, for some children, there is a gap in vocabulary development at 3 years of age, and this gap only widens as the children get older!  WOW intends to help solve this problem by providing a language-rich learning environment and purposefully teaching vocabulary through play, music, & art activities, in order to help close the vocabulary gap.


World Of Words (WOW) Early Intervention Services provides high-quality early childhood education in a friendly, nurturing, and inclusive environment.  We help children learn from each other by teaching them to be accepting of each others’ differences and by building on each child’s individual strengths.


Our Mission:

  • To provide a play-based learning experience led by specialists in the fields of early intervention and early childhood education.

  • To provide high-quality early intervention services in a child’s natural environment.

  • To provide opportunities for parents in the community to work together, sharing experiences, knowledge, and resources.

  • To provide early childhood educational services that allow all children to experience learning success.

  • To provide services in a number of languages and foster learning in a language-rich environment.

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